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DSCR 2.0 | Debt Service Coverage Ratio Mortgage On Steroids with John Bianchi

POSTED: 06/08/23
Ever faced obstacles while trying to finance an AirBNB? Frustrated with mortgage lenders using outdated income sources? We’ve got some game-changing info for you in this video. I had the privilege to collaborate with John Bianchi [ @theairbnbdataguy ] on my own AirBNB project and managed to grab him for...

Unlock Your Dream Home with Just 1% Down: Revolutionary New Mortgage Program Explained!

POSTED: 06/08/23
Introducing our brand new 1% down mortgage – possibly your best bet for home financing. This innovative option offers up to $4000 in FREE money from your lender for a down payment. Yes, you heard it right – we’re giving you up to $4000 toward your down payment! Call 800-340-5465...

5 Secrets To Financing AirBNBs That Nobody’s Talking About

POSTED: 06/08/23
Discover four lesser-known strategies for financing your Airbnb property in this enlightening video. Learn about low down payment mortgages, home equity loans, rental arbitrage with lease option purchases, and forming an LLC to manage your short-term rental income. The video also introduces DSCR Mortgages 2.0, a revolutionary approach that qualifies...

3 Types of Zero Down Mortgages

POSTED: 05/08/23
Don’t have the down payment for your dream home? Check out these 3 zero down mortgage options! Community 2nd mortgages, USDA Rural Housing, and VA mortgages can all help you buy a house without putting money down. Learn more about each type of loan and what you need to be...

3 Tips When Dealing With Divorce And Mortgage Approval

POSTED: 05/03/23
Matt Stout, your mortgage navigator for 29 years, shares his top 3 tips for writing better divorce settlements by using mortgage loans. Call 800-340-5465 for help with all of your mortgage questions, or visit https://ICanSaveMoney.com/ for more information. Make this moment, a GREAT ONE! ————– 0:00 – Divorce & Mortgages...

What Credit Score Do You Need To Buy A House?

POSTED: 04/28/23
Get expert advice from mortgage navigator Matt Stout! Find out what credit score is needed for a mortgage. You can still get the best interest rate even without a credit score with an FHA or VA mortgage. Don’t have credit cards? That’s ok too, follow Matt’s tips to boost your...

3 Reasons To Refinance

POSTED: 04/27/23
Refinance your mortgage with Matt Stout, your mortgage navigator, and get a whole suite of benefits from investing in your future to consolidating debt and making home improvements! With over 25 years of experience, Consumers Financial Mortgage will empower homeowners to save money. Like this video and subscribe to find...

When Home Improvement Loans Are A Good Idea

POSTED: 04/19/23
Need a home improvement loan? Check out 4 types of home equity loans that can help you get the job done! Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs): revolving credit line, variable interest rate, adds to your total credit utilization Home Equity Loans: fixed rate loan, lump sum 2nd mortgage, less...

10 Steps To Buying A Home

POSTED: 04/14/23
Buying a home can be an overwhelming process, especially for first-time buyers. In this video I walk through the 10 steps of buying a home and give helpful tips along the way to make sure you have all your bases covered! Learn about loan approval, ordering appraisals, signing closing disclosure...

Easy Dutch Baby Recipe

POSTED: 03/29/23
Make a delicious Dutch Baby in no time with this easy recipe! In this video I share step-by-step instructions on how to make the perfect Dutch Baby. With just a few ingredients and minimal prep work, you can have a tasty breakfast for the whole family. Learn how to make...

Did you know…?

Matt cooks up more
than just Mortgage Tips

View the Latest Cooking with Matt Recipes

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Matt Stout started Consumers Financial Mortgage in 1995 with the vision of helping homeowners save money. Since that time, he has worked to perfect the art of understanding mortgage customers and their financial goals. Using what he calls his “Mortgage Map”.


Matt creates options based on his client’s financial goals to better guide them to the best viable options. In his spare time he enjoys creating new recipe ideas, traveling, and spending time with his family.


Matt is THE master chef when it comes to mortgages – but he’s no slouch in the kitchen either! From money management tips to culinary tricks, Matt’s got you covered. Tune in for mouth-watering recipes and mortgage advice you can trust!