Mortgage Rates Rise as Bond Yields take a Thelma and Louise Nose Dive

Rates have risen significantly since March 7th, with many programs up over 3% since the first of the month. First off, the US Jobs market continues to show strength which gave the FED good reason to raise rates again next month. As if that didn’t hurt mortgage rates enough, what’s really got the market worried is what can happen on March 13th as we approach the US Debt Ceiling limit. That’s because since 2008 our banks and investment firms have had the US government borrowing money to lend on mortgages. With President Trump currently reevaluation of the financial markets, will he continue to let the US Government go into debt? If so then we are back to normal. But if not the implications are, for lack of a better quote, “HUGE!”

In other words, if the US Tax Payer isn’t going to borrow money to lend on mortgages, then the Banks will have to buy them. With rates in the 3%'s that doesn’t get anyone on Wall Street excited. Rates could rise rapidly this week if some solution isn’t met quickly. For now, rates are over 4.25%APR with most programs except the 15 Year which is still hovering around 3.6%APR.

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