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There’s a better way to power homes

A way that lowers costs for you, increases the value of the property, and makes our planet cleaner. If you feel the same way, then you have come to the right place.

Making Homes Sustainable

The Green Loft provides modern resources to help homeowners build or renovate their properties with energy efficient and sustainable home design upgrades.

We guide homeowners and investors through the in's and out's of creating energy efficient homes; our services are designed to walk you through the process:

  • Consultations - for sustainable home construction and renovations
  • Resources - for energy efficient home updates and affordable sustainable building products
  • Funding - to get you on the path to sustainability
  • Insights - into special funding and tax credits that will save you money
Experts in Energy Efficient Homes

The Green Loft connects you to specialists in all areas of the industry that contribute to designing energy efficient homes.


Our co-op organization collaborates with reputable contractors and builders who have the experience it takes to build and upgrade homes for energy efficiency, such as adding solar power to a home.

If you need to find an energy efficiency contractor in your area, we invite you to contact us for a vetted referral.

All of the contractors that we recommend are specialists in their fields, with appropriate licensing and certifications where applicable, such as the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners licensing for solar panel installation. You can learn more about NACEP licensing by clicking here.


The Green Loft is not a real estate agency, but we are connected to a network of real estate agents who specialize in finding homes with sustainable energy designs.

All of the realtors that we refer are also specialists in finding sustainable homes in a particular area. To get help finding an energy efficient home for sale in your area, simply contact us and we will put you in touch with an agent who already knows where the energy efficient properties are in the area of your choice.

In addition to specializing in locating local sustainable homes for sale, each of the real estate agents that we refer is knowledgeable in the various areas of sustainable home design. Some of these agents also have the Green Designation from the National Association of Realtors, which is the NAR's only conferred designation for realtors who are trained and qualified in energy efficient design.

To learn more about NAR's Green Designationclick here.



Sustainable Resources

Contact Matt Stout and the Green Team for more information.